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What’s the craziest jerry rig you’ve ever done?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by pos_clunker, Oct 6, 2006.

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    friend of mine had a mx-3 with a cracked valve cover. cont figure out how he did that. but you know those disposable aluminum pans you cook a turkey or ham or whatever. well he used one of those and alotta rtv sealant. that had to be the ugliest damn thing i saw.
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    Hmm, I got a list already:

    Held fuel rail down an aluminum spacer I made out of some rod, needless to say it eventually came off and I was smoking from beneath the hood. The smoke was from evaporating gasoline! I'm glad none of it ignited, but there were puddles of it everywhere in the engine bay.

    Took the valve off my compressor (since it was replaced with a regulator), and used some radiator/fuel tank repair epoxy stuff to hold it in a stripped oil pan drain. Now changing the oil sure is pretty easy hehe.

    Rode around without two doors. Even got pulled over speeding without them! The officer was a little shocked but didn't give me a ticket for the doors themselves (that's why living in FL kicks ass). I was doing 90mph. It is a little scary riding with pavement moving at 90mph less than a foot away from your seat, and knowing that the only thing holding you is the seatbelt.

    Replaced a torn exhaust hanger with a rag.

    Duct taped pieces of the rubber intake together.

    Rode around with hood and fenders once. That was pretty fun, you get more looks doing that than a person driving the most exotic cars ever can. The kids in all the passing cars loved it!

    Didn't finish the rear disc brake conversion because bolts were rusted shut, but I already cut the cables. Went to NAPA and got a a short flared brake line, bent into a U shape and connected both of the rear outlets together to effectively eliminate the back brakes all together.

    Had the entire intake effectively suspended by a network of very long cable ties.

    There's like 10 more things that vaguely hang in my mind, but I can't remember the details lol. I'm Russian, it's in our blood :).

    Want to see some true jerry rigging? Hehe check this out:

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