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Well this is stupid...

Discussion in 'ZX2 1998-2004 2.0L DOHC' started by coonmanx, Mar 7, 2020.

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    Realized that the license plate light was out on the ZX2. So I opened up the trunk, got to the bulb and then removed it from the socket it sits in. Went to put it back and the plastic socket is broken. So it was off to the junkyard but now they don't have a single ZX2. So I used some duct tape to hold it in place. Just want to make sure everything is legal since cops love to pull you over for stupid crap like that. I did find the part brand new for about $40. Are you kidding me? $40 for a stupid lens cover for a license plate light? And the funny thing was that when I was searching for that part online I came across an older thread here talking about the same thing. Oh well.

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