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Welcome dj_andyt

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Good to see another UK Scort owner! Our´s are different!!
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Why don´t you uk scort owners post pictures of your rides and really make us all drool.
UK scorts rock.
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yea pics pics
I WILL post a pic of Eric, when I can find a decent one and when I find out how to do it! The only one I do have is on a floppy disk and used as wallpaper.

I´m afraid you´ll find my pic very boring though, only mod is Mer polish and a plain blue sun-strip on the windscreen.

If you want to see pics of UK Escorts, try the Ford Escort Owners Club, Mark V & V1 - you can find it with any search engine.
Welcome.... From Canada
Nudy Nudy pic's ?
mmmmm ... escort...
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yeah, i would love it if you UK guys would get some fellow UK scort owners to come to the site and post some pics of your cars. would be awesome!!!
Welcome foxy hope you find the site useful.
I´m a half Brit, so when i go to see relatives auto´s are my second priority, one cousin lives in Kent driving a Sierra cosworth 4x4 what a car
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Yeah, I dig the Cosworth Scorts...very nice pieces of automotive engineering. Post up those pics!
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