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Weirdest/oddest thing to ever happen to you?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by austin86, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. austin86

    austin86 That nut who spends way to much on a escort.

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    So thought this be a cool thing to talk about.

    For me, It would have to be when I was chased by a schizophrenic circus midget clown looking person screaming that I'm in charge of the shadow people. :eek:
    I'm not sure what her deal was. Probably off her meds or something.

    What would you say is weirdest/oddest thing to ever happen to you?
  2. marclar

    marclar Moderator Staff Member

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    seabeck WA
    i flew down my parents stairs when i was like 4. not really flew, more like glided in space.
  3. Pizzaman5000

    Pizzaman5000 FEOA Donator

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    Central OH
    Had a joint and a beer at the office before leaving work one night. Parked inches from "the" hydrant.

    I'm good to drive, but literally just finished a beer and a joint.
    I'm on campus and it's a home game.

    As I am reversing, a homeless guy on a bicycle towing a radio flyer wagon, with a cat sitting upright on a tiny pillow in the wagon; cut me off.
    I lost my train of thought and the hydrant ripped my front bumper off.
    15 seconds later a cop pulls up and I had to pass a field sobriety test. The cop said he could smell weed and beer. I told him I literally JUST polished them off.
    It was a close one, but I was confirmed 'good' to drive.
  4. UnexplodedCow

    UnexplodedCow FEOA Member

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    Central Ohio
    I have so many stories of weird...can't pick just one, so here are several.

    Consistently weird: somehow people don't notice me (I'm relatively tall/big) and I can walk around sometimes like I'm invisible. People will claim that I come out from nowhere, and it's only when I'm in a specific melancholy mood.

    As a teen, summer of '99, I had a carpenter bee that would follow me everywhere and perch on my right shoulder. When I was attacked by a nest of paper wasps, that thing killed several of them and corralled the rest so I could spray them with paint (cheaper than wasp killer at the time). To date, I still get random carpenter bees following me around. Maybe I have a scent.

    I had a grinding disc explode in my face a couple years ago. Safety glasses = no use. A 19g piece caught me in my left temple. The rest hit the walls of the shed and turned to dust. I bled a bit, but no concussion, skull fracture, or internal bleeding. Some stitches, and less than a week later, it was basically healed, which is itself a bit fast.

    I grew up in a house that had some really, really strange goings on. Moving shadows, strange noises, stuff being moved, you name it. I took in a team to record it one night, several years ago before it was sold, just to see if I was crazy or not. Sure enough, people were scratched, weird sounds, and a guitar was being plucked in its (closed) case. Definitely on the paranormal scale.

    Ohhh! Yeah, here's a good one. I saw my own death in a dream. I liked a girl back in high school, but we never got together because of her (ex) boyfriend. He told her he'd kill me if I dated her. She was terrified, and I didn't know why (she never told me). One night, I had a dream that the girl and I were in a parking lot of a church, near her house, when the guy pulls up in a white 3rd gen camaro. He then waks up to me and blows my brains out with a chrome .38 snub nose, and drives away. About ten years later I talk to the girl about it, and she was silent for a while. The guy drove a white 3rd gen camaro and carried a chrome .38 snub nose in a sock under the driver seat. I had never seen his car, and barely met the guy previously. Freaked us both out.

    Who knows, maybe I'm crazy, but I try to at least get second or third opinions and at least be reasonable about it. But these are just some of the odd things I've experienced in life.

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