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Weird Valve Cover Gasket Problem

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Hi, all!

I´m not 100% sure I´m welcome here (I´m a Philistine with a ´93 Tracer 1.9 4-door), but since the Tracer and Escort are basically identical, I thought I´d ask here.

I bought my Tracer about 1.5 years ago ($1500 cash...lovely), and I´ve had to replace the valve cover gasket three times (and am about to do it a fourth time). The seal always fails in the same place over the number 4 cylendar, directly over the exhaust manifold. While I lose very little oil, the oil that I do lose ends up burning off and stinking up a storm.

I did the gasket replacement the first couple of times myself, since it´s pretty simple to do, but last time I had a professional do it (since I figured I must´ve hosed the first 2 somehow). It has lasted a bit longer than normal, but it´s starting to fail again (I can see the break in the gasket).

I was starting to think that maybe PCV is failing, but if it were, I´d be burning oil out the exhaust too, right (and I´m not...the engine is in otherwise great shape and passes California emissions without a single problem)?

Anyone out there run into a similar problem?
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Sounds more like cursed bad luck then anything else. I would replace your PCV, you wont alway see the burning oil...because its very little oil that flows usually.

Here´s some more advice, the black RTV sealant stuff SUCKS. There´s a brand of high temp sealant stuff called "The Right Stuff" It´s really, The Right Stuff. Helps more then just using the Black RTV.

Resurfacing the valve cover and head where it comes in contact with the gasket is a good idea...just dont take off too much.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe the oil getting up through the head is just a little too hot right here...what weight oil are you using ?

Anyhow, g´luck and you are more then welcome to post here,...for anything.
If you absolutely have to use a form of RTV dont get the black or blue stuff...it sucks bad. They make this product called "The Right Stuff" it really is the right stuff to use. I used it on my oilpan after tapping the return line nipple.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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