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Weekly FEOA.Net Chat

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Would it be possible for all of us scort owners to start a weekly chat on the feoa.net chat room?i think it would be a good chance for all of us to get to know each other,ask/answer questions about our scorts.Hit me back up and let me know what you think
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I´m game as long as the time is convenient.
same here.... how bout we list when we are usually online and our time zones for starters.

sounds good to me. I could run a poll to see when people would want to do it. that seems like the easier way to do it
I never leave this place...anytime is good for me.
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Ok, I´m in Eastern Time Zone and anytime between seven and midnight is good for me.
Well I´m in AZ timezone (right now an hour ahead of PacTime).

I´m usually on intermittant all day, but mostly around 11 or midnight here.
anytime after 5 eastern time now for me for the weekdays and anytime over the weekend.
I haven´t heard anything on this topic in awhile. I was wondering if it was still being considered. Also, just a suggestion, I thing the "last 10 posts" section should be updated to at least fifteen that way articles won´t get burried in the archives so quickly.
I almost always have a nuclear sign thingy in the topics i create. so i look for those in the last 10 topics first, then i go through the forum just in case i miss one that i needed an answer from.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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