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We need a Virginia meet.......

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If there is anyone in the Virginia area out there, lets get together and represent
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I live in PA, i would come and represent for sure! Donny.
thanks, is there anyone else out there. there are just too many civics down here. we have to do something about that
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I´m in Richmond. And yes, there´s way too many hooked up Honduhs in this city. Most are your plain vanilla Civic, usually fading red with a mesh grille and cannon exhaust. Shame that their 1.6 litres can´t turn the 18" chrome wheels fast enough to keep up.

Hey, for those who haven´t yet changed their fuel filter: DO IT! Mine must´ve been filthy because it totally transformed the personality of my car. Power used to fall off past 5K and I just figured it was due to the header/exhaut/intake. But nooooo.....5000+ is fun territory once again.
I´m in East TN. I´ve been lookin for something to do. count me in.

im in annapolis md and im all about making people in hondas uncomfortable,however i need to get some things done to my little girl before she can get back on the road.

anyway,just let me know and i´ll try to be there.
I´m right on the border between NY and PA (Binghamton), and if I can get away from classes for a short time, count me in too.
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new to va beach and im already sick of all the handas and mustangs.would love to get with a va groop
Well if you were a little closer, I´d most definately be there, but having a preggo wife around makes it kinda hard to go too far.

If anybody decides to have a meet around Alabama (GA, TN, MS, FL (panhandle)) I would be there just as fast as my little LX would let me get there.
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I´m in PA too, probably like 5 hours from y´all in VA, but that wouldn´t stop me from joinin in if the schedule allows. Let me know!

btw went to VA Tech so lived in Blacksburg for awhile.
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im in north carolina
here is my site all of us are in NC but SC and VA is more than welcome to join

I´m 25 minutes from VA in MD. I´ll be there if we have a meet!!!
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when is a good time for a meet? it would be good for us to get together somewhere. if anyone has any suggestions let me know, because seriously escorts are getting a bad rap down here. i´m in newport news, va
well how do you join? theres no section.
I haven´t thought that far yet, but if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to pass them on. u can respond to me on this forum or email [email protected][addsig]
I´m not sure whats down there but, any vacant parking lot like an old Montgomery Wards or something, maybe even a public park!
I´m in Northern Virginia, but not an Escort owner.. Close, though.. How about a German Ford? Merkur XR4Ti 2.3L intercooled turbo.. [grin]
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you just email with pics and info and i´ll put you on there, nice i been looking for a Merkur XR4Ti, hard to find in these parts
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