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Hey, anybody got an extra motor for the front seat belts that would sell it to me? mine went out on the drivers side and a new one is far to expensive.

[email protected]

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go to the junkyard and pull an old one off an escort. my local junkyard only charged me $25 for the motor and the track together.
Yo Madskillz,
Brian and I live in BFN. The closest yard is about 120miles away. I know some of you that are scort owners either you or your relatives work at Ford or possibly in a parts dept. IF they were to use their discount to get the part (I know most businesses consider this theft, but...) What would ya want for one.

Or if someone is bone-yard hunting for a GTX, or a turbo or whatever and happen to see one, I´m sure you tack on a fee.

Thanx everyone. We out here in the middle of nowhere rely on you other members.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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