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want to do some stuff but need info, someone help please!!!

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1. Clear front corner lights
2. Alternate style tail lights - euro or clear with LED
3. a way to modify or replace that yellow reflector thing that spans the width of the trunk hatch. Maybe a different color if possible or if anyone has any pics of it removed and just bare, maybe that might work... i dunno? open to suggestion on that one
4. Increase the HP - The car is a 95 lx hatchback, manual tranny, it's not bad mind you, but i would like to see some increase in power out of first gear. Not trying to win any races, any suggestions would be helpful.

think that's it for now... all help, advice, suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)
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1. ebay
2. doesn't exist
3. paint it
4. read the engine and forced induction sections.
I don't like the clear front markers they have listed on ebay. All I seem to find are the "crystal" clear. I like the stock look, but clear, like these:

Aftermarket tail lights don't exist like Dave said, and if you remove the orange reflector off the back if you have holes to cover up. I smoked mine and the blinkers with "VHT Niteshades"

And there is quite a bit of aftermarket for the CVH engines. More than I can recall now than there was when I owned my LX's.
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