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What color rims would look the best on red EGT...gun metal? blue? white? need some help not good at picking out rims
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I´m a designer by trade (BFA industrial design), and I gotta say, gun metal or silver for a red car, aesthetically speaking. White looks OK, but can look cheesy, depending on the wheel. Black wheels, which I don´t quite understand the appeal, look too much like OEM steelies.
That is a matter of preference. The lines on the 2 gen Escorts tend to be a bit straight and angular. I would go after a wheel style similar to this. Really organic shapes are too powerful on this car and tend to be the focus.

The tirerack and discount tire both have interactive wheels pages that let you see wheels on a particular car in different sizes. Also, a good side picture of your car and some easy Photoshop work can also be just as helpful.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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