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wagon strut compatibility.

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hey i have a 97 escort lx wagon with 130k :( one of my struts is broken! :eek: i think someone crashed it! kinda new to me.

i just want to get the spring strut combos for easier replacement. but i neeed suggestions!!! Do the sedan parts fit my wagon??

can i make it work easily?
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sedan parts will fit.
Do you mean a front strut? I think those are the same as the sedan. If its a rear strut, I think the struts are the same as the sedan, but with a slightly stronger spring. Im not positive, you might try a search in this forum or the suspension forum Even so I dont suppose it will make a big difference. I drove my wagon for a year with a broken rear spring, and finally changed it when I got tired of hearing a clunk on large bumps.
yeah a front strut is broken...
it shakes badly if i am slowing down from freeway speeds.
"this car is unsafe to drive" - mechanic :eek:

sounds like sedan parts work.... excellent.. that's all i need to hear.
THE FRONT ones are a perfect match...
well except for the broken mount off the first pair. ;)

see about the back tomorrow hopefully.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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