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VIN decoder

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the VIN decoder is not working
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Whats the VIN Decoder suppose to do anyway?
Hey, were did you get those weather guards for your windows? how much they cost?
vin decoder is supposed to tell you info on your car. where it was made, what model, engine, color......stuff like that.
Is the VIN decoder gonna be up anytime soon? I need to check my new GT on something
OverDrive, i buy my weather guards at canadien tire.

ex7r3m3r, is for the sameting me too, for my 95gt hehe
the vin decoder is up and running but no promises are made if the info is correct or not
.... for my car and other cars its correct and for some its not. there´s not much i can do about it though.

link to the vin decoder is in the left menu at the bottom.
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Well, since the VIN decoder on the left doesn´t seem to be working, I found a good site for Decoding your VIN, http://www.autobaza.pl

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Cool site, one question though; what does the sequence number represent?
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haha that decoder was dead on. I´ve been trying to figure my Vin out...hell I have it memorized I´ve entered it so much. Now I know what my VIN is, now that i´ve had the car for a year, I know its right
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OK, with my vin being 1FAPP1288NW169549... that means 169549 is what number my specific car was built on the assembly line? So, 169,548 Escorts (or just EGTs??) came before mine? Thats a lot of Escorts.
It suddenly dawned on me when I was looking at something about a Corvette just now.
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