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I went to Wendy´s last night for dinner, and went through the drive through...about this time some guy that works there was getting off work...i noticed he was driving an early 90s Cavalier with shiny hubcaps, (at this time i rolled my eyes at the ugly hubcaps) anyway, when he left the parking lot, i decided to show him up... you know, for the hell of being an ass. I pulled out after him and by the time i was deep in second i passed him at 60 mph, well he tried to speed up to re-pass me but i wasn´t having it. He got a nice long view of my one broken tail light and one good light.
Since, i live in paranoia of getting another ticket, i slowed down and let him tailgate me all the rest of the way down the highway in my city.
I will give him this, his headlights are BRIGHT. must have had them tilted upwards.

Red 92 EGT The Cavy Killer.
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