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Varad Hyper LED´s

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Has any body tried these things? I just got a 6 inch one in yellow and for the price they are not to bad ($20 and less).
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What is it? I know what an L.E.D. is but what the heck is a 6" hyper L.E.D.?~Mike
sorry about that, it is a 6" tube with hyper LED´s in side it
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Yeah...i was looking at those the other day.

And they vary in price according to the colour...ie "Blue" (don´t ask what the price was for a 12"...ouch!!)
that bad? I think that is messed up, you can get a 12´ yellow for $21, but a blue or red is $40. it might be because it is the "PIG"s colors, and they want to make people not get then
Price for each LED is 3$ CAN X 12 for 12" Tube. Getting 36$ + resistors to drop voltage to ~3 volts. = 40$. Clear tube = 2$ Custom sides =6$ cable 2$ Total: ~50$ CAN just parts!. So if 12" Tube is going about 60$ plus tax I can say it´s not that bad! But I still like my blue 10" neon lights under my seats.
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ok? in US dollars they are only $21-$40 for 12 inch LED bars. I don´t know the conversion to US $$ from CDN $$ but your sound like a lot of $$$
I can make a red or yellow one of those for like $10 US. Blue and white are the most expensive. It would also be possible to make one that can be switched from blue/yellow/red/green/orange with a multi LED but that would be pretty expensive. Me and my dad will have some sweet LED stuff pretty soon that I´m sure you guys will all like
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sounds cool. you will have to post some pics when you are done
$60 Can. would be pretty close to $40 US, so it´s alrite, but still kinda high priced.
now what i did (and still need to take some pics), was just take the green LED´s (couple bucks each) and wire them into my windshield wipers and to light up up my grill. pretty snazzy, and under $20 Can for everything, led´s, wiring, except i had a cig. lighter converter already for my lit up 8balls from my rear mirror, so some splicing was needed. a cig. lighter converter is maybe $5 though
I was thinking about using fiberoptic cables together with leds. So they could be switched.
they make a LED bar which will do every color of the spectrum


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very, very cool. that´s exactly what i´d like once i finish my sub
Here is the down side, the solid colors sell for $12-$20 for 6" Bar, $21-$40 for 12" Bar, and the ones that change color are ~$70 for 6", ~$140 for 12", but they can be programed with the control box supplied to strobe and do many other things. Crutchfield.com has them for the cheepest i have seen.
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