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Alright, first, you have to modify the intake hoses a bit. There is a rubber collar on the resonator box (it's the weird little black box on the intake tube that goes over to the iac valve) that can be flipped inside-out to make a straight connection. Then you just need hose clamps. That's the physical installation of the VAF. Here's a pic of what mine looks like: (click for the 1600x1200 pic)

You'll notice in the pic that I drilled out that mysterious little cap that everyone talks about. It's a super easy mod, and a great way to adjust the bypass air eaisly so you can control the rich/leanness of the idle.

Calibrating the VAF:
You need to take off that black lid on the top of the VAF. It's kinda a pain to get off, so take your time and don't destroy anything. Once you get inside, you'll see a rotating thing (variable resistor) that has a little notched edge and a black clip sitting in one of the notches. The entire rotating apparatus is attached to the vane itself, and what you want to do is OPEN the vane about 5 "clicks".

While you are doing this, you want the engine at operating temperature and your HIGH IMPEDENCE voltmeter probing the O2 sensor at the exhaust manifold. You want a moderate a/f ratio at right around 0.47 volts or so.

And that's all you need to do!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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