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Salutations From PR! well i rebuild my escort motor with everything brand new... except the oil pump and piston rigs because it was a budget rebuild...


1.new autozone lifters
2.felpro full gasket set set
3.sand blasted head with new valve seals and valve sets
4. new water pump
5.timing belt and tensor
6. plugs and motorcraft platinum sparks...
7.piston bearings (standard)

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut! got a problem.....

and after all that rebuilt everything was super perfect but i made a bad decision with the valve seals ... the machine shop offered a blue color valve seal made of "Teflon" suposed to nver were out and i dont know what else...

the thing is several people told me that the escor the only thing that it wants are original.... but wen i went to a auto part they offerd me 3 different king....

3.mazdas 323/protege ones (japan)
4.and one other that i think it was viton...

any opinion are more than welcome ! i am steal looking for prices...

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Just a Q, did they (the machine shop) replaced the valve guides.
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