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I have posted on here a couple of times about my 1998 escort zx2 2.0l. I have a squeal from the front of the engine at low engine speeds. I had the oil separator replaced and that fixed the problem for about a week. I know there are a few mechanics on here so my first question is a professional one to you. If you had done this repair how long would you guarantee the work? The car has almost 100,000 miles on it so I ran some seafoam through it. I used the brake booster vac line to suck it in. The car seemed to have a lot less vacuum than my 4.3l s10. What should the vacuum be for this car? It seems to have a high amount of vacuum building up in the engine. Guess I will get a vacuum gauge to today and hook it up to the dipstick and give you guys a reading. I have to agree with the ones that said they thought the squeal was vacuum related. I think some how the vacuum is not getting out to the vacuum lines like it should and the vacuum build up in the engine is sucking a hole in a gasket somewhere, just an idea. Here’s what I plan on doing, let me know if you have any other ideas. Check the vacuum on the lines. And if it is low, some how find where the vacuum is being blocked. Should the vacuum on the vacuum lines be higher than what is in the engine? Then after I have the blockage fixed maybe, and if the squeal is still present, take it to the dealer and have a smoke test done on it.
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