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v-tech controller

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annyone know if there is a way to use the controller on the z-tech
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I don´t think that engine has the multi-lobed cams.

The only thing that would come close would be putting a ´99+ Miata engine in a 2 gen EGT.
anny other input?
its really just the same thing as an afc right?
Ok..just to let you know zetec and vtec are nothing alike...ZETEC was just fords way of saying..hey look we now have a high compression DOHC engine..until 2003 when they put the real ZETEC into the svt focuses..l..but the VTEC uses electronic valve timing to increase air flow in the higher rpm range.....so the point of this..pre 2003 zetec = regular DOHC engine...VTEC..Valve Timing Electronic Control..
Honda VTEC is nothing like Mazda´s VVT, or Fords ZTECH, or Toyota´s VVTi, or Chevy´s ECOTECH, etc.

VTEC is Variable (Valve) Timing Engine Control. Honda´s VTEC is actuated by oil pressure in the head. That´s why its possible to tap oil in the block and "frankenstein" a Honda motor.

The Apex´i V-AFC is a fuel computer, just like the S-AFC but it allows to the driver to change the VTEC engagement point to earlier in the rev range, to make the car quicker throughout its rev range.
i know that the two engines are nothing alike, i was just wondering if it was possible to put it on the ztech and it make anny thing happen. at least it would look cool as hell.
VTEC is Variable (Valve) Timing Engine Control. Honda´s VTEC is actuated by oil pressure in the head. That´s why its possible to tap oil in the block and "frankenstein" a Honda motor. <---That´s a pretty good analogy, Blade... too bad my bro´s SI will spank my car

I have to correct something here. VTEC means Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control. The acronym is way off, i know. my brother owns a Civic SI and i´ve researched his car numerous times. Blade is right about the oil pressure part, though. The pressure locks the secondary cam lobes into the secondary position, there by making them control the valves... which all it really does is open the valves for a split second more, allowing more air to flow into the combustion chamber, creating 160 horsepower, thats also why at 5500 rpm in the 2000 Civic SI, the engine starts to roar REALLY loud... It´s the only thing i like about that car.
Toyota´s VVT-i does basically the same thing, only oil pressure doesn´t change cams, really the cams don´t change over at all. The ECU basically reads the air/fuel mix and constantly retards/advances the timing for better performance/fuel economy at all times. I still want to buy the new 2003 Corolla S, it has a VVT-i engine in it.
I could care less about Chevy´s ECOTEC, because it´s in two of the ugliest cars i´ve ever seen before in my life, the new Cavaliers and the new Sunfires.
I guess, since i can´t find anything directly related to "Zetec" that Zetec is basically two processes used by Ford. 1. VCT or Variable Intake Cam Timing, which is basically the ECU advancing and retarding the time to give more power in all the rpm range. And 2. DSI, Dual-Stage Intake Manifold. This just shortens and lengthens the intake manifold depending on RPM.
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So, since no one wants to reply to all that, i guess i was right about it all then.
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Well, I know in my old roommies 99 Civic EX (Honda D16Y8 motor) The VTEC spelled out said Variable Timing Engine Control...but yeah it does exactly all that with the cam lobes...pretty freakin´ cool if you ask me.

Sad part to my roommies car, you could never feel the VTEC kick in...because the TURBO WAS PULLING TOO HARD BY THEN

Yeah with all the guys I hang out with: *two have D16´s (ol´ skool Si´s),
*my old roommie has the turbo EX,
*Justin has a 2002 1.7L VTEC EX,
*John has a the old D16 Si motor in a DX coupe.
*Shaun w/ a Saab 9000 Turbo and also a 92 MR2 w/ a 22RE
*Matt Forbes with a 97 Eclipse GST
*Mike w/ 3000GT-VR4
*Lancaster has a 91 Talon TSi
*his g/f Laura has a 93 Talon ESi

There are alot more peeps that hang with us on the weekends downtown, but that right there is pretty much TachedOut.

Anyhow, with all those cars, I think I´m the only one thats pushing the limits and going crazy with the turbo in the EGT...everyone is just fast from the factory.
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