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using 2 Escort HO engines in a Hot Rod...

Discussion in 'Escort Concepts' started by Tnashua, Sep 15, 2014.

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    No pictures- Sorry...
    Been keeping this idea in my head, but it seems I'll never get around to it- so I'm sharing to see if anyone likes it enough to jump in head first :)
    I'd like to build an old Ford similar to the the one pictured below (only lower, taller/skinnier steels or wires, round headlights)... Use the engines (one forward, one backward) connected via a clutched gearbox to power a VW or Porsche transaxle driving the Front wheels... The Valve Covers on my HO motors so remind me of the SOHC 427's... I'd like to be able to run one or both engines (save fuel on the highway) & have several ideas for the clutched coupler, but haven't put any of them to paper since the project is so far out... The FWD arrangement would allow a much roomier interior since most of these cars have very little leg room once they are heavily channeled. It'd be fun watching people scratch their heads trying to figure out what they were looking at... What do you guys think? STA70495.JPG STA70495.JPG STA70504.JPG

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