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I just got back from a junkyard run to
Roxbury Auto Wreckers
Dewey Ave
Whatron, NJ

and in my hunt for 91-96 parts, I came up
rather empty...about 5 cars, already picked
fairly clean.

But first generation ´scort nuts will find about
10-12 cars there, many almost complete! I
counted at least three GTs and at least two
EXPs, too (a black EXP had an excellent
GT-type front bumper/air dam.....anyone
know if it can be adapted to a 2nd gen car?)
Lots of different rear spoilers!

These guys are VERY reasonable in price
when you pull the part yourself (grabbed
an ashtray for the T/Racer for $2, and was
quoted $35 for a complete 2nd gen LX
hatchlid with pedestal spoiler and amber
rear reflector, and that includes the glass!
Haven´t decided if I´m going to grab that,

If your interested, calling them won´t be
much help, as the yard is not really
inventoried...you gotta hunt yourself,
then they´ll price it.

They do have pre-pulled parts that are
inventoried, but for ´scorts, it´s limited.

Better to just go and look.

From Route 80E, you grab exit 34. Turn
left, then at the next light, turn right.

After the long, straight portion of road
that runs alongside the railroad tracks,
you´ll wind along another 1/8 mile and
watch for the entrance on the left. Park
anywhere you can, and stop into the
office to let them know what you´re
looking for. They´ll direct you to the

From Route 80W, Exit 34A. Merge
onto 15S, and take the hairpin first
right. Then straight thru the light
and follow the tracks as above.

From Route 15S, you grab the Wharton
exit (just before Rt.80), then right at
the second light, and follow the tracks
as above.

Happy hunting!!

John Rosa
and the Slammin´ Escort-SVT project...
See more at www.javelinamx.com/svt

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Sounds like a gold mine for 1st genners. It´s slim pickins around here for 2nd gen gt´s also, but there is a good supply of lx´s and 1st gen gt´s. I´ve seen 2 2nd gen gt´s in the last years, and I happened to get lucky and get the bumper off one of them.
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