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Used EGT with coilovers, replacing with conventional setup?

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I´m currently looking for an EGT. I´ve been looking where I live and haven´t had any luck. My dad found one today back home; a black 94 GT in great shape. It has a coilover suspension; my dad said it´s quite low but rode fine, it did have a small amount of wear on the inside edge of the tires and you could hear the spring shifting on a tight uphill turn.

I´m really looking for a completely stock EGT and set out modifying it from there. But if I do buy this car I´d really like to remove the coilovers and do the suspension with a conventional performance spring, strut and alignment kit.

I looked at the Eibach webpage for the springs and alignment kit. What does everyone think of that setup? Also what struts would you recommend? I´m looking for crisp handling and a decent ride.

Would there be any market for a used coilover setup with 10,000 miles on it?
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What brand are the coilovers? If they are a good brand, they should be easy to adjust to your liking. Any good brand can be revalved, if you choose, and if the spring rates are too stiff, you can purchase springs separately. The spring noise you are hearing may be caused from the spring being too short for the fully extended travel of the strut. This might be cured by simply adding helper springs, that can be acquired from the same source.

My major concern with the car would be the condition of the car. By this, I mean that I would generally rather find a good, unmodified car, with the thought that it might not be as abused as someones hot rod project. Think about it. Would you rather have a stocker that some old lady babied, or a some punk´s playtoy? I´ll take the old lady´s any day.

Just go over the car thoroughly, especially the body, engine, and tranny. Personally, I would rather a perfect body and a trashed engine, since once a car´s body has been tweaked, it never seems the same, and engine work is half the fun.

Have fun shopping.

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I´d agree for the most part. Grandmas are always a fairly good bet for cars. however some car nuts take care of their cars better than their families.

The coil overs should be fairly easily sold. As Marcus said new springs can be baught for the setup in almost endless combinations.

As far as spring strut combo. the going good ride/great performance combo is the H&R springs and the tokico zx2 S/R struts. Total cost should be just under $400 depending on shipping. Thats a damn good price for this stuff these days. That would get you just over 1" lower than stock ride hight. Sounds like that car is either too low or isn´t aligned properly.

Just give it a good once over. Take the engine up to 5-6K range and see what happens. It should be very smooth.
Thanks for the info, if we go through with the deal I´m going to have the current suspension looked at, adjusted and aligned. I´ll make my trip back down south with it and decide what I´m going to do from there.

My dad said the body is perfect on the car, shiny paint, clean interior, clean engine compartment. Dad was impressed with the responsiveness of the motor. That says a lot seeing how we´ve always been a Ford V8 family.

Other than that, the car has an aftermarket exhaust, and a cold air intake. The car isn´t all that molested. It does have one of those chicken wire looking grill inserts... which will be promptly shoved in a trash can
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