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neuspeedescort said:
Nope, they're two completely different animals
the questions was not does it bolt up it wasa matter of is it a possiblity. in that case yes any kit is its a matter of time and body work.

Well...it's true that with work and fabrication it might fit, but neither you nor I know how wide, long or tall a Euro Mark 4 Escort is. In addition neither of us know where the mounting points are for the body kits, let alone how they're mounted or to where they're mounted to on the frame.

Since the Euro Escort and USDM Escort are two COMPLETELY different animals & have absolutely nothing in common with each other... this leads me to believe that it might take some uber-crazy fabrication, like cutting the bumper down the center to shorten it's width, or completely fabricating mounting brackets, etc.

I took it how he worded the question, which seemed like he didn't want to do much work, and wanted to buy a US body kit and just bolt it up. If that's the case then refer to my first post, if he has lots of spare time and money then, yes, anything is possible.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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