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wow...I haven't been here in awhile. I hadn't even really been on ERDT in awhile. Same questions over and over. I am to the point where I have more advanced questions that people there didn't know the answer to or just wouldn't answer them.

Since I am lazy I am going to post most of what I have to say here. I like this place its more laid back than ERDT. Not quite so many people with heads up their asses. I don't know why FEOA and ERDT aren't more affiliated. I KNOW there were some members at ERDT that knew nothing of this site and still don't. ERDT was just a forum with the possiblity of so much more. It was frusterating. Anyhoo...

I am getting my body work done! So much rust I wanted to cry but the guy helping me isn't fazed. Just more work he said. We might be approaching the halfway point but there is alot of work to be done. Will have pics when totally finished.

Sorry to make you read all this to get to the part that you guy no doubt checked this thread for but I have kind of sort of been talking to this guy about manufacturing headers and he offered a full exhaust too. http://www.essentialspeed.com/ I don't even remember why I started talking to them but I did. They do some mazda stuff. I will post email. Read from the bottom up.

hello,I offer limited amounts of products for the 1.8L..most being customer.
not enough sales to warrant the cost of jigs etc.
Plus I can't keep up with the orders for the protégé and Mazda speed,everyone ispissed due to the time it takes to fabricate and ship items.
I have a car to use for a template,I would probably take a pacesetter,modify,reinforce it,ceramic coat it and add enough pipe to do what it has to do to join into the stock exhaust system
I canmake this but I need time to do it,I can also provide you with a full exhaust system
thanks for your inquiry
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Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 6:06 PM
Subject: Re: 1.8 BP


I found your email while cleaning out my inbox and realized I never replied to you guys! I am Terribly sorry about that. I am one of about 2 to 3 thousand members of a North American Ford Escort and Mazda club. Basically anything that uses the Mazda 1.8 block. Me in particular that means a 1991 Ford Escort GT. As you may well know Ford used that 1.8 motor in all Escort GT's and Mercury Tracer LTS from 1991-1996. Mazda had it in the miata and protege.

I guess I am interested in what can be done for that motor. It shares internal miata parts but since the Escort is front wheel drive and the miata is rear wheel drive turbo setups and exhaust and what not won't work. We as a community are especially interested in some performance headers. Right now the only ones available is the one made by Pacesetter. Calling it crap is an understatment. Gude used to make one and Genie out of Australia did as well for awhile. Both have stopped and no alternatives are available. I can't say for certain but I would assume that the miata and escort share the same firing order and if that is the case I would guess that other than adapting the header for front wheel drive there wouldn't be any other modifications neccesary?

As for internals do you offer anything? I went through your site but found very little actually for the 1.8L. Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.



>Subject: Re: 1.8 BP
>Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 09:25:54 -0400
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> Hey brendan,
> what are looking for in regards to performance products..turbo kits, intakes,exhaust?
> let me know whats on your mind and i'll issue you some prices.
> as you see from the site..we are a custom shop that can fabrication pretty much anything you'll ever need.
> thank you for your interest,
> Karen & Kevin Liphard
> "When Speed is Essential"
> www.essentialspeed.com
> Subject: 1.8 BP
> Hi,
> I own a 1991 Ford Escort GT that has the 1.8L DOHC mazda engine. You must get this question all the time but do you guys make anything for that engine?
> Thanks,
> Brendan

Thats the extent of my correspondence so far. I just responded with a question about approximate pricing. He hasn't even asked about a minimum order yet but I will see. Post your thoughts!
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