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Up to date pics of my scort!

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Heres some of the latest pics of my scort...

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Lookin good Hyperscort. keep up the good work on it. is that an aftermarket tach on the left side of your steering wheel? I´m tempted to say rice boy, but I won´t, i´m nice like that
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LOL, yes it is an aftermarket tach, my factory one doesnt work... lol.
I don´t wanna sound dumb, but i always hear it, whats a Ricer? I sure don´t want to be one
A rice boy is someone who puts useless crap on their HONDA to make it look "nicer". You don´t even drive a crappy Honda, nuke. But if you put useless crap on your EGT, you will be a Canadian Grown Rice boy
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Alright speaking of Tachs. I was crusing along the highway in my scort this morning and i look ahead to the right of me and i see this big fart can hanging off this car and i look up at this car and I see it´s about a 94 Plymouth Aclaim 4 door. I´m thining alright what is this. I fly up next to him and I see a tach about as big as the steering wheel haning nest to the door along with some other guages.This car looked kinda beat also. it wasdirty white with a black velour top deep tint and I think hubcaps. As I flew by him I almost vered into the concrete barrier as I was laughing so hard. maybe it was just me but I thought that was pretty damn funny.
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Those tires are BFG´s right? Might be dirt and glare but looks like they might be starting to feather on you. If they are feathering its more then likely a tierod end or balljoint.

I like the fogs...through me off for a GT front clip for a second

Nice paint job on the calipers too.

What´s the gauge you added to the left of your steering wheel ?
sorry didn´t see the post was two pages long. Cool, nice tach.

Rice...noun. State of Being. ex. "My OBX muffler gave me 20hp, and my Matrix filter gave me another 10hp, and I have ´real´ HID headlights bulbs, so my civic puts like 180hp to the ground; But next month I´ll have my H22 in and then I can run 10´s all day long."

If I wanted rice it would look like this:

sorry my schools server is being stupid and keeps rejecting my log on to upload a pic. Oh well

its a mean site.. it kinda pisses me off sometimes.. but sometimes it is funny, it provides an "in depth" meaning of what a ricer is..

the term ricer generally stands for japanese import cars.. (ex. rice burner..) or a non import car that has a crap-load of import stuff on it..
the fog lamps threw you off as to if it was a gt bumper, blade? I´m ashamed for you
I knew it was an LX simply by looking at the bumper, and then the grille. Usually the front bumper and wheels give it away if I see one on the street. My coworkers like to say oh there´s a GT and i simply say nope, wrong bumper/grille, or wrong rims. They only wish they knew as much as I know about my car
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1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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