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SOLD UltraShield 6-Point Harness

Discussion in 'US Classifieds' started by GregF422, Dec 11, 2017.

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    Seattle, WA
    $20 + shipping cost or pickup if you're local to the Seattle, WA area.

    UltraShield SFI 16.1 6 Point Harness with Cam Lock.
    Belts are Pull-Down configuration with Individual Shoulder Belts (not a V-shoulder).
    Includes two Floor Mount hardware kits (eye bolt, washer, nut, belt clip).
    New in box, never been installed.

    **NOTE** Date of manufacture tag is punched Oct 2011. Most racing groups limit how old your harnesses and helmets can be, so check your rules before you buy. This one is probably too old to be legal for groups like SCCA or NASA.

    20171203_201857.jpg 20171203_201907.jpg

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