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Turboing a KLZE?

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First of all how much will the stock internals of a KLZE stand up to? second I know it gets damn expensive turboing one of these how should i go about it where should i get the kit and how much Boost can i use with the stock internals? thanks for all the help
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For the answer to these questions you need to go to probetalk.com or a mx6 forum to get the answer. Not many people have done the swap let alone turboed it.
if you had the cash im pretty sure the easiest way to do it would be to buy a vatn aerocharger and mate it to your stock exhaust once the two banks meet. a flange would be cheap and you dont have to run oil or coolant lines. after that you just need is intercooler piping, an intercooler and fuel management. ebay IC kits are cheap and there are solutions like Megasquirt to handle fuel and ignition.

there are several vatns that can flow more than your stock block can handle, or if you could do the fab work you could get 2 of them IE corky with the nsx project
aero chargers aren't cheap. Pretty sure the cheapest one is in the 2500 range or something like that.
Ive already done the swap it took alot of work it was a pain in the a** but i was thinking of what i could do my goal to reach with this engine is 400 horses and 400 foot lbs of torque i beleive it is very acheivable but i just wanted sum peoples opinions i know quite a bit about mechanics my self but my theory is that one person alone is smart but i've notice alot of good things happen when people put there minds together but ill go to probe talk and see whats up thanks for any input...
I think it's pretty common, actually. If you take a look around google videos/youtube, there's a bunch of people that have run low boost setups with great results.

Like..... 270whp on 5psi with about the same torque. With the powerband characteristics that would have, that would make your car insane. 3rd gear pulls would be epic.
at high power levels and high RPM the KL oil pump likes to explode, which causes issues with the rest of the engine.

aside from that, it can take roughly about the same amount of power per cylinder as a stock BP (250 / 4 x 6 = 375 hp) before it starts to bend rods and melt pistons (assuming a good tune).
Thanks for all of the input I appreciate it but, I have a question... I there are performance parts for the KLZE but i've been having problems finding them you guys have any suggestions for websites or stores? thanks
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