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anyone know where i can get a turbo from i got a 93 ford escort lx 4-door
or do they even make them for my car
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They do not make them but you can do a custom set up I will give you a link that will tell you everything you need to do.
I think I can get them with the manifold and everything. let me go check my source.

check there first and Ive got others just got to eat now will post them for you later

There is the link, that will pretty much tell you everything you need to know. I am going to be doing the same thing except my engine is the older 1.9 HO. I will prolly run a 93 bottom end to lower compression.
talking about engine size, would it be possible to take the top half of the 1.8 an dput it on the bottom half of the 1.9?? What would that do for performance, or is that just a dumb idea??? I was wondering about that cause I know on the hondus if you take the vtec head and the ls bottom that makes the lsvtec. just curious.
thanks would a gt engine mount in my car
NO a 1.8 head will not bolt to a 1.9 lower half. but yes the 1.9 H.O. out of a 1st gen GT will bolt right up to your car but the 2nd gen GT 1.8 will not. you have to mod the hell out of the car you might as well just buy a 2nd Gen GT.
yeah, swapping to a 1.8L is a waste in effort...but going from a 1.9L to a 2.0 DOHC is worth a shot. I´m pretty sure that´s what Chad did quite well too.

Anyhow, turbo. A turbo is just a fancy aircompressor, its not car specific. However, understanding how your motor will react under boost is a weekend seminar in itself.

Im pretty sure an old 83-84 Escort Turbo, or EXP turbo manifold will bolt up to the 1.9L. I´m not sure what you´ll have to ditch in terms of AC or PS or anything like that in the LX but I´m confident it could be done. I had a roommate that ran .54BAR in his 99 Civic EX with the D16Y8 motor. Honda motors dont have the strongest internals, so I dont see why the LX could run like 6-8psi.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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