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I´m going to be looking at some Escort GT´s in the next couple of days and there are a couple of low priced,high mileage GT´s available for sale.

I don´t wanna have any trouble with CARB, so using a USDM GTX engine is out, since those were only available for ONE year in the US. Yet I remember Rod Millen putting the 1.6L BP from a Aussie Mercury Capri in a Escort GT that made it rounds on the magazine circut.

Is swaping that engine into an escort easier or harder than a 1.8L?

Are there any differnces besides bore and maybe stroke?

What´s the REAL limit of these engines anyway?

The fast Mazda I´ve seen besides Rotary cars is that purple Miata that runs high 10´s on drag radials. So I know you can get 400hp from these engines.

What´s the largest turbo you can mount on the stock exhaust manifold? I think these cars came with IHI turbos, right?

Thanks for the information....
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