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Turbo or sale

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hey everybody. i got this turbo off a 91 eclipse and i was going to put it on my car, but the problem is that i need to seel it now. i need money to help pay for my tuition in the summer. if anybodys interested let me know. also. would someone let me know the details on selling over the internet.
never done it before.

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why doesnt anyody want to reply to my message?

give it time ,after all it is only 1:45 am and you only posted it at 12:26 am . by the by I`m sorry I can`t use it ,but what do you want for it for referance so others know where youre coming from ?
well, i dont know what would be reasonable, i mean its not exactly new, but its in pretty good shape.
the value depends on a few things. First off, do the blades have any chips or cracks in them? Does the turbo spin freely with almost play in the spin. Is there pitted rust near the wastegate or where the oil lines run to the turbo. Does it look shiotty? NOTE!! If ur sellin it, in no way should u take the turbo apart to clean it or something. W/ out proper tools u could disalign tthe turbo and it wont spin balanced.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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