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is this right to start off with? 5psi

exp manifold
FORD Escort 84-86 IHI RHB5
Boost Gauge
EGT Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge
Fuel Pressure Gauge
FMU - 12:1?

anything missing?

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-Clutch relocation brackets (see jeffs cardomain)
-Lots and lots of time :)
-Coolant "T" fittings and hose for tapping into heater core
-Are emissions an issue? If so you'll need a high flow cat
-1 or 2 stage colder spark plugs (don't run stock heat range you'll fry them)
-A welder to fab up all the custom exhaust and intake piping you'll need
-10" Pusher fans as your stock one won't fit anymore

Are you doing this on a second or third gen? Doesn't make too much difference but I was curious

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You'll need a custom down pipe.

Either modify the PCV tube you have now or grab one off a 2.0 and work with that.

You dont really need a oil pressure gauge. The IHI turbo's can handle the CHV oil pressure just fine.

I'd ditch the EGT gauge and just save up for a wide band, it's the best way to monitor A/F. Dont really need to dyno tune if you allready have your own.

You dont really need to run coolent right away, it's a good idea, but not needed.

and yeah you'll need a fan, oil lines and the colder plugs and higher octane.
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