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Turbo Kit on Ebay!

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Just thought u guys would like to know... i cant use it :(.
Click here for the auction!
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I wouldn´t even bother with it cause you´d most definitely want to run an intercooler, and you would spend another 500 for the ECU upgrade. I could have a cutom turbo built for 1250 dollars.
mmmmmmmmmm what do you think that is worth ?
For someone that would know how to install it and get it working right, it´s priceless. for me it isn´t worth sh*t, because I wouldn´t want to spend 1200 over ebay and then get it and have to spend another 1000 to have it installed which would mean my intake and exhaust re-routed, timing retarded, ECU re-programmed, etc. Plus like I said you´d want to buy an intercooler and that would re-route the intake tubes again...so If you know what you´re doing with it, i say whoever wants it go for it.
I´m like 2k into my set up right now....need another fuel computer though, so like 2300 is what mine will be up to soon.
theres nothing wrong with that kit. You don´t NEED an intercooler when your only running a little bit of boost, but if you do want one, theres always the junkyard. The guy is probably referring to more upgrades available through his company. :-?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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