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this may be an odd question, but as i was cleaning out my car t´day, i was simply wondering what everyone out there keeps in their trunks.

-in my passenger seat (when no one is occupying it), i would have a pair of gloves, a hat and some other random items.
-in my back seats i had some magazines from auto detailing places, papers from school, my english book (because someone stole the lock off my locker which was locked, so my lock was cut off for reasons unknown), a flashlight i ganked from my old movie theater job, an ice scraper, and a tire iron.
-in the trunk, i had a broken umbrella (for fun), some crustches and a cast (for fun), a milk crate to organize the madness in my trunk, an umbrella that works, my bookbag, more books & papers from school, another ganked flashlight, old-school ohio license plates, a 4-way tire iron, roadside assistance kit, and a whole lot of other crap i cant remember.

it´s total madness, but hey, i was just wonderin what everyone else keeps in their escorts. so yeah, what do you guys keep in your cars?


95 Escort LX

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niiice, how many bodies fit in the trunk of an escort?
a little red coaster wagon , believe it or not . I use it at work when I have too change the fryer grease . the grease barrel is too far away for me to even want to carry it , so I use my little wagon . no one laughs at me ,they wish they had it when they do them . hey you asked . :-]
Passenger seat;
When not occupied by girlfriend is mostly just my cd´s
Clothes that im too lazy to put away and other random assorted things
Amp, school books (Too Expensive)
SUBS!! spare tire, oil, 50/50 coolant mix, tools, cleaners, and towels to dry car after car wash
-front seat when empty is cd´s and old pay stubs cause when i come from the bank i just throw them there.
-Back seat- 2 ton jack, tennisballs I found at work, more old paystubs that got thrown there when someone sits down in the front seat, some of my daughters toys, some clothing, spray paint, speaker wire and miscelanious pieces of gum.
-trunk- my bandpass box takes up most of the trunk, but i also have a socket set, a chilton manuel, more speaker wire, other miscelanious wireing, a few screwdrivers, a hammer, a crow bar, and some more clothing, and a oair of jumper cables down with my spare.
Damn thats alot of junk in my little ol car. Maybe I should clean it one of these days.
In my scort I have nothing not even the seats right now and when I´m done there will be nothing except for the seats in front and the brackets the rear seats lock into(unless I know I´ll need the seats).I have no interior panels ripped out all the I.C.E. and probably won´t put it back.I may get one of those NOS looking bass tubes and some tweets but that´s it.I am in the frame of mind that all I care about in my scort is power to weight and handling.If I am going to play or going by myself I´ll take the scort otherwise I drive whatever is closest to the door(I have 2 other cars a truck and an S10 Blazer 4X4)usually the Tempscort GT(AWD Tempo with a scort GT headlights and grille)It has a 2.3HO in it though so it´s not too embarassing.
Front Seats - me, interior heater (well, on the floor), a club, 1/2 the time my lunch (lol packed up not tossed up), now and then a passenger

Back seats - if there´s a passenger the club´s back there, ice scraper/brush/squeegee combo thing, very rarely a passenger

in the Hatch - 12" ultimate sub, alpine amp, wiring, small spare tire, wheel change tools, big quilt made of old jeans. if i´m solo IIing there´s nuthin back there :-]
wow, u guys are a pathetic bunch, or im a looser

Passenger seat : ice scraper

Back Seat: pair of gloves

Trunk: perfectly empty

didn´t you have a sound system in your other egt? maybe i´m dreaming stuff up...get a sub back there! ;-)
I always have my skateboard and a pair of skateboard shoes.
Between the front seats: a pair of gloves,

Under Passenger seat: breaker bar with socket for lug nuts and a cordless impact.

Trunk: quart of oil, gallon of windshield washer fluid, gallon of pre-mixed anti-freeze, pint of brake fluid, 2 helmets. All secured (in case of accident).
yeah i have subs, but i took them out and im waiting till i get new deck to put them in then i can rewire the whole car and then ´I´ know exactly wat is going on back there

10-03-2003 at 16:21, nukewater wrote:
then ´I´ know exactly wat is going on back there


w00t! party in nuke´s trunk!
Front Seat: 128 CD book (FULL)

Back Seat: SuperStreet, Dirt Rider and Car Audio (latest issues)

Trunk: Full size spare, small socket set and of course 2 12s to keep me awake zzzzzzzzz :-W :-o zzzzzzz :-W :-o zz
Front seat: currenty nothing, i had to take my 19" monitor out of the box to fit it in my front seat...lol
Underneath front seats: cds papers an old windshield wiper connectors.
Backseat: LOTS of CDs, papers, magazines (like SCC), my headlight covers, new fog lamps, almost empty thing of windshield fluid.
Trunk: miscellaneaus stuff like the top of my rear hatch with all the bolts pieces and parts.
Soon to be in my trunk: twin 10" MTX subs with an MTX 150 w amp. :-]
In my car i have very little. I keep the mail in the door pockets. A can of coke in the cup holder. My cell phone plugged in which fits nicely in front of the cup holders. Under the seat is a mag lite for hitting people. In the backseat is my book bag ice scraper gloves and usually my Lab puppy. In the hatch is 2 8 inch subs, amp, CD changer, chiltons manual, quart of oil, antifreese mixture, Rain-X windsheild wiper fluid, roadside kit, a box of oatmeal cookies and a blanket. Thats it all i need to live on

10-03-2003 at 23:08, escort_gt_lover wrote:
Under the seat is a mag lite for hitting people. In the backseat is...usually my Lab puppy.


...what???...i mean, what??? you experiment on poor defenceless household pets and hit ppl who try to stop you?

lol j/k :-] but what is a lab puppy?
Hey my puppy rides in the back seat. We do not make love like you do to your dog. a lab is a dog they come in black, chocolate or yellow. You can collect all three. Myn is used for hunting. and im not 21 yet so i cant own a pistol so i use a mag lite as self defense. to join the National Rifle Associations go to www.nra.org GUN POWER!!!
This is what i´ve got in my trunk...

Soon the box will be gone and the entire system will be seamlessly integrated into the interior.
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