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Ok so usually I mind my own business when it comes to other peoples lives but the other day somebody pissed me off bad.
I´ve just come home and I hear this engine revving and out of curiosity I look out the window and it the yard behind me I see this nasty looking piece of white trash diong a lawn job in an escort.Not a very serious thing so I was kinda ignoring it until it died and I heard her trying to restart it.As I look out the window I see her start kicking it and it quickly becomes apparent that this is not her car.
To my horror more people come out of the house with baseball bats and they start going off on this once perfect example of a 93 lx 4 door.
Not wanting her and them to get away with doing this to a fellow scort owner I called the snohomish county sherrif who shows up just as the escort was on it´s way down the street, and they got her stupid a$$.
Now I don´t care if they shoot each other in the street but don´t screw with my cars or any example there of.The car is totalled by any insurance companie´s standards and this "person" is probably indigent but at least they have her in the car and a police report so if ya see em on peoples court, you know who made it possible.If the owner is a member and needs a witness I´ll testify on there behalf.
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