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Transmission Grinds 2nd

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Alright the other day I was racing and I missed 2nd and grinded pretty bad...Now when I am slowing down while in second I get this grinding sound but when I give it gas it stops...Also when I am above 30mph and try to go back into 2nd while the clutch is press all the way down the gears grind loud and it won´t let me get back into 2nd unless I slam it in there. When I am going under 20mph it will go into 2nd fine but when I let off the clutch I get a quick grinding sound.....WHAT COULD THIS BE????
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Were you speed shifting?It sounds like the syncros are messed up.I used to forget I was in my car after driving a big truck all day and I would forget to use the clutch.It would shift well but occasionly I would miss.A friend of mine with a contour drove it for 2 years with the syncros out and it never died, but to ride with him was a nightmare cause he missed all the time.
Both of my 94 GT´s grind into second on hard shifts. A regular at my work, works from aamco. He says it is just the sychros wearing down and they can no longer brake the input shaft fast enough. On our transmissions, the synchros were not build for any kind of abuse, and will wear fast when abuses. Unfortunately there isn´t much you can do. If it is a problem on regular shifts, it probobly needs to be rebuilt. If it is only during hard driving, i wouldn´t waste the money, it will just start doing it again.
Yea I was shifting pretty fast into 2nd...but do you think that I can have just the syncros replaced? I had the tranny rebuilt about 1 1/2 years ago...
i got the same problem
i posted it about 3 weeks ago and got no response

YES your synchro for second gear is shot, there is nothing you can do about this except get it replaced, a mechanic is gonna charge you around 300 in labour alone, so get you checkbook out
its not an easy job so i suggest not trying to attempt it
like me, you are screwed so skip second and go right to third and no more racing, dont even try to shift into second it will turn a relatively simple thing like a synchro in to worn and broken gear teeth
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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