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would it be worth the time and effort tryin to change my tranny from a 5 speed to a 6??
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What car what engine??? If you have a ZX2 it shouldn´t be too hard to hook a Focus SVT tranny to it, but if you have a 2nd gen or a 3rd gen with an SPI engine, it will be dificult at best. I know the 1st gen 1.9 bolt pattern is way off from the Zetec patern. I doubt the 1.8 will work, and unless they changed bolt patterns on the 2nd gen 1.9 or the 2.0 SPI from the original 1st gen design they won´t match up eather. You might be able fabricate an adapter if you are, or know, a good machinest, but you still might run into starter placement problems do to different flywheels, and even different locations of where the starter bolts. If you have Some sweet connectiong you might be able to find a 6speed in the UK that will bolt to a CVH (1.6,1.9,2.0SPI) engine. More than likely it will be for an AWD or RWD application. I´m not going to say yes, I´ll leave that decision up to you. But remeber anything is possable in the automotive world if you have $$$$.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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