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Hey, I have a strange issue going on with a 94 escort has a 1.9 and aut (obviously). Anyways Im having a crazy problem with it and I was hoping maybe this was a known issue and someone had a fix for it or maybe something to look for.

More or less when the headlights are turned on the trans drops into limp mode immediately. It happens like clock work as far as repeatability goes. It doesnt store a code for the issue. KOEO test doesnt reveal a thing nor does a KOER test. I tried even doing the KOER test with the headlights on to see if a code would set but nothing. I ruled out a short and if the headlights are unplugged at the bulbs but the switch is on it doesnt do it.

I immediately figured there was a bad ground for the headlights causing the problem. I cut the grounds at the bulb sockets, soldered on new wires and ran the drectly to the battery to rule out a ground at the headlights causing an issue. Again no change.

I replaced the small ground that gouse from the trans to the frame under the airbox and that didnt help either.

Im starting to wonder if the headlights arent the actual issue but it causes the actual problem to show up. I have ruled out a ground issue in the engine bay as they have all been ohmed, cleaned and retorqued.

Hopefully one of you has an answer for me cause I am completely stumped.
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