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Where is the tps located? I was just wondering because i think i might need to replace it on my other egt so just wondering if anyone can describe exactly where it is and what it looks like. Thanks
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Okay this one is easy. Okay follow the hose from your airfilter to your intake manifold. Before air can get into your intake manifold you´ll have the throttlebody. The throttlebody on the engine side has a wire that goes into a circle. This is your throttle cable. If you rotate the throttle you can feel the plate in the throttlebody open and close. Okay, now directly on the opposite side of the throttle cable assembly is the TPS. Its about 3.5" wide, about 2" high, and about .5" deep. It should be completely black. It will have a little dovetail wiring harness on it.

There ya go.


Jason Blade, 93 EGT Turbo

[ Edited by TheBlade On Date 12-04-2002 ]
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Thanks, thats what i thought it was just wasne sure though. Thanks, also is there a way to tell if the sencer has itself gone bad?
Yeah..you´ll have real shitty throttle response and usually top out at about 35 mph...
And your car can die on you in the middle of the highway like mine did when the TPS went out in it.
It was a pain in the ass but I got it home. My mechanic hooked it up to the computer code reader and found the TPS was bad. Put a new in and BAM! runs like a dream again.
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I think mine is going bad because it kinda lags on the throttle response around 70-90% throttle. Like if I´m cruising then punch it....as opposed to just punching it off the line.
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