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*Whipes tears from his eyes*... i think i did it this time guys...... Im soo upset right now

i got in an accident today and may.. MAY have killed it :´( I NO IM SORRY!.. im making a video or apic on how it all happened.. i just htought i´d let you know.. ill let you know how it happenes
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damn, i can´t believe it, scorts are dropping like flies.
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Are YOU okay? That is awful. But if you are okay, that is the important thing, there are plenty of Scorts out there in need of a Good home.
what was the sceneario? who´s fault was it?
I was cruising around, came out of a corner doin about 40 KPH, saw a SUV turning left paid no attention to it, started to drive past him, when a large van pulled out in front oh him turning in front of me, due to the suv sitting there neither of us saw each other and i slid into the side of her van.

I believe she was in the wrong, for she did not "turn only when safe to do so"

My front end was totally demolished.. im not sure yet if its written off or not, but everything from the windshield/airbags forwards needs to be fixed/replaced body wise and the rad needs to be replace.

I do not believe i was at fault.. and AM techically hoping it is totalled (for innocent reasons) due to i will Stay in the Escort Family and prolly buying a 5sp

Claims thingy is on Thursday so i find out then.. i may even lose my liscence due to stupid laws, but we´ll see due to how it was not my fault..


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1995 Escort GT

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I´m not sure I really get your story and where everybody was and where everybody was going, but damn, I´m really sorry bro. This sucks ass, especially after you just got those pimp clear corners for christmas too. sigh.

What you say, "totally demolished"... like you mean just everything just totally mangled and destroyed? Get a pic or something. And if this is kinda difficult to talk about, that´s fine if you don´t want to talk. I know how hard it must be... I like my escort more than any person I´ve ever met, and it´s just a crappy LX... when I get my GT - god, my relationship with my car may border on sexual!
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Ok I think i see how it happened, you were driving down the road and this SUV was sitting on the right side of an intersection waiting to turn left (the opposite direction that you were travelling), the van, also sitting on that side of the intersection turned right, the way you were going, right in front of you and you slid into the side of the van. is that how it happened? all I can say is shit happens and you have to be ready for ANYTHING.
i once had to swerve across 2 lanes to avoid this car trying to merge off one of those "turn only" center lanes. if there was another car in the slow lane I would have side swiped him whilest avoiding this other car who didn´t see me in the passing lane doing 50 mph, (roughly 80kph for you canadians). Scared me but I got out of the way and no one was hurt.
a little off james, but its ok... ill explain with a picture soon.. monday im gonna have pics and im taking my stuff out of the car.... if .. IF! it is totalled... should i maybe buy it back and part it out and such?
nah take the money from your ins company and use that to buy that GT 5 speed you´re lookin at, BUT keep track of what junk yard they´re sending your car to so you can go and part it out anyway.
yeah if I could get some clear corners, that would r0x0r... although from the sound of it, it seems like it wouldhave been smashed to hell.
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The Day is opon us when we find the truth. SGI proclaimed my car to be written off with $8000+ (All in CAN. Funds) worth of damage. The worth of my car was $7680 + %15 Taxes = $8732 as my total refund (or w/e thats called.. reimbursment).. so yeah.. well that escort i was looking.. sold 4 days ago.. :( im upset now but ill keep looking, i found plenty of LX´s but im still looking for that special GT... :)
for roughly 40 bucks you can get clear corners from zxtuner.com in about a week or 2 siragan, what are ya waitin for? :)
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