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Too old for concerts?

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I thought I was too old for concert-going, but just to show you that you can teach an old dog new tricks...my wife and I are going to the Aerosmith concert, tonight. I am actually pretty excited about it. Think I´ll take my earplugs from the Canadian Grand Prix (Formula 1 is AWESOME IN PERSON).

Just to show you it is not a fluke, we will hit the Stones in Nashville, as well. I don´t know what´s getting into us, but I think I will enjoy the ride.

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Gotta agree with you on the F1 thing. A friend of mine went to Indianapolis last fall, and he called me on the cellular at about 10:30 in the morning on Friday when they were qualifying. Just the sound of them going by heard through my phone made me practically pee my pants with excitement!
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Granted, you don´t get the full track coverage that you would on television, but the sights and sounds just don´t come through on television. Man, when those things are at full song, even your earplugs are are a bit shy on protection. The colors are so deep and "liquid," it is just unreal. Montreal was a terrific venue, but the Indy race has better viewing, since you can see so much of the track. My Audi S4 buddy went the last two years, and raves about the multiple corner views.

As for the concert, the Stone Temple Pilots were mediocre, at best, but Aerosmith put on one hell of a show. Seems like every one of their old songs is a damned rock anthem. We had a blast.

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