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too much air?

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i went to deq and i didnt pass cuase my readings were that i had too much air in my mixture. now what kinda bs is that? whats the prob?
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You´re running lean. Which means that you put less polution in the air. Which is unacceptable!!!!!....actually what car is it?
Remember its always better to run rich then lean. Running lean could lead to pre-ignition and detonation (yeah...not good)

Hmm...too much air. Try having your fuel system checked. Actually, I recommend using Redline Fuel System Cleaner...the stuff works great. Dump half a bottle with one full tank, then dump one "gulp" every oil change.
Problems with engine sensors can cause engine to run at wrong mixture. It think it might be lambda sensor or throttle position sensor.
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lamba sensor? whats the purpose of the o2 sensor?
why, to check to make sure that there aren´t any more than 2 o´s in your engine at one time of course. too many o´s will cause bad smoke rings to come out of your exhaust.
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