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I know I keep posting links but I'm pretty excited I got so much stuff added already. Check it out under the Ford Escort section on:


So far I got:

* Ford CVH engines
* Esslinger ZX2
* Ford ZX2nr concept
* Ford Escort SPI intake manifolds
* Ford Escort 2nd gen intake upgrade
* Ford Escort SOHC headers
* Ford Escort BBK throttlebody installation
* Ford Escort camshaft degreeing
* Ford Escort upgrades
* Ford Escort modifications
* Ford Escort history
* Ford Escort rotor & pad replacement
* Ford Escort 1.9 Pacesetter exhaust installation
* Ford Escort 2nd gen clear corner installation
* Ford Escort rear disc brake conversion
* Ford Escort specifications
* Ford Escort wreck
* Ford Escort in the media

Anyone care to help me out? If you don't know how to edit and upload things just ask me, I'm going to do a quick little introduction about it soon anyways. Lots of the stuff I even wrote myself on there, while some was borrowed with good feedback from those who wrote it about using it on the site. I even learned that the headers I had which I bought from eBay were in fact old Hooker headers, thanks to the guy from escort-focus.com.

I need help completing the list of all the Ford Escort upgrades.

What are some other good guides from this forum and other places that I can add to there?

Join in people :).

Even if you see any inaccuracies and are too lazy to edit them, just let me know what to do and I'll edit it.

I'm about to add a lot of nice pictures from gfspeed.com too, header installs and etc. Thanks again Gregg.

Escort-focus's stuff is going to take a while to add in there, already did a few articles. But I never knew how much information that site has about Ford Escorts until now.

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Ah! Thanks for pointing that out. I'm going to go include that.

There is a link for a full article about the LED lights. They weren't too bad, I used them for a while without getting in a wreck or getting any tickets :).
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