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what´s the widest tire i can put on my stock ´92 EGT without rubbing? hypothetically, i could put a 215-50-15 on a 6" wide rim without a problem, but how wide can i go without rubbing on things i should rub against?
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I was running 205/50V15 on my stock ´92 rims with no problems. I recently upped to a 15x6.5 with the same tires and the rears rub under hard, hard, hard cornering on bumpy roads (think Rallye GB). I will either roll or trim the fender lips next weekend.
Actually, Beaverboy, the 205 should be 205mm wide from sidewal to sidewall, NOT at the tread. Also, the 205 is spec´d based on a specific rim width that the tire mfgr uses to determine its measurments.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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