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Tire pressure

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I just bought a ´96 Escort LX w/the 14" tires. The placard is missing from the doorpost as to what the proper pressure is and the owner´s manual is no help. Any word?

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When in doubt 30 - 32 psi is a safe area. many times factory pressures are less than optimal. many full size family cars call for 28 psi and then people wonder why the tires wear on the out side. the tire pressure can crutch a not so smooth suspension setup.
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My GT says 35psi for the stock 15´s, but I´m running 38-40psi on my 215/40 17´s

I´m on my way to work...I´ll look it up on our chart for you. I´ll reply around 11 Arizona time for ya.
Thanks for the help. I found out from a local tire store here it´s 32/32, front/rear.

Thanks again.
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