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well the other night i went to go be a god friend and take some drunk girls home.. i was going literally 5 mph and bam my engine died and it would crank but wouldnt turn over... got it towed to my apartment... then i had a few friends say they'd check to see what was wrong. ...well by 1pm i was pissed cuz i had called into work and everyone was flakin on me. i decided to go get my boyfriends 97 dodge avenger from my friends house..its been sittin since the fires, and has only bene driven like 5 times in the last year and a half... battery of course was dead and there was no gas.. so driving in the middle of nowhere sucked like that... made it to walmart..come to find out cant get a oil change cuz he lowered his car too much, and after waitin all night, the altenator is bad, so drive it to pep boys ... $330 ..but yet again his car is too low for their ramps... arg... then i just took it home and my friends bf looked at my scort.. and told me it was the timing belt... took it to pep boys last night, they replaced the timing belt and water pump.... yay that was the problem..cars running smoother now. luckily my friends cousin works at pep boys and she gve me a $50 discount on my car :lol: so it ended up bein like $200.. which is a pretty good price eh?..LoL... my friends dad has been tellin me for 5 months he'd do it and kept flakin on me.. im mad at him now..LoL... ne ways i just had to babble bout what happened.. now ima redo the interior on the week of the 23rd... oh yay we're bac n business....


PS man i loved drivin my bfs avenger.. that car hauls some ass..hehe...
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