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Well guys, the time draws closer..

back in april, i signed up for the air force..

my career is 'Weather Apprentice'

i leave home Sept. 15th, to be in san antonio the 16th for basic training..

any thing i should know before hand, or what i might need to expect???
i anticipate it will be difficult, and i have been working out for a couple weeks, and continue to do so.. so it shouldnt be overwhelming....

i look forward to getting out of here and seeing different places.. and my career will prove to be interesting, as i have always been interested in weather... i know how to read some of the maps as i used to take flying lessons, and i read up on some of that.. so anywayz

wish me luck yall!!! i'll be around as long as i can before basic, and i will hopefully be back soon afterwards.. but i will never leave!! yall are my family.. heh, i'm just going on... extended.. vacation..

thanks yall..

-Aaron 'TheMightyEscort'

and u alabama folks, dont forget about our meet!!
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