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Throwing feelers out here, selling my LX in the far future

Discussion in '2nd Gen 1991-1996 1.9L SOHC' started by FurryWrecker911, Sep 23, 2019.

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    (Moderators, I have no idea if this should go in this forum or US Classifieds since it's technically not for sale yet. Sorry in advanced)

    I'm in the process of moving all my old stuff out of the purple LX, doing whatever prep work I'm capable of doing, and fluid changes on it before putting it up for sale in the next several weeks here. It's been a great car to learn on and I was hoping to hang onto it for as long as life, but after getting an 89 Tbird and an 18 FoST the 95 Escort gets driven so little that it hurts more to see it sit than the idea of selling it to someone else.

    I have a buddy that's interested in the car, but he's 6 states away with no way to get it to him, nor the money to pay up, so I'm wanting to put some feelers out here to see if anyone in the Orlando area would be interested in a 95 LX. It's not for sale, yet. I just want an idea of who else would be interested because I'd love for it to go to someone who'd either fix it up or use it as a parts car.

    73,011 miles on the clock. No idea how the valve seats haven't dropped yet. I got pictures taken today during a grocery run if anyone wants to see them.
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