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I have a 3rd gen escort 2.0 cvh with an auto tranny. I had a TPS problem a couple of months ago and had some weird results,(i had to replace it)and i remembered it today so i unplugged my TPS to record the results of it.

Okay first off i'd like to warn you to exercise EXTREME CAUTION when doing this.
1st off you have to manually shift with only 1st and 2nd gear and transmission only does high pressure firm shifts.
2nd You can hold both gears at any rpm and THERE IS NO REV LIMITER! i had it shift out of first at ~40 mph! i did not want to take it higher as i'd probably have some sort of failure and power was beginning to drop(car has CAI, ported throttle body, Maf, mild exhaust port and manifold port.) But from what ive learned is that if you can mod the motor to handle 6000+ rpms it would be a damn quick escort. also i had slight torque steer at ~5700 rpm.

You cannot just set it in overdrive and go as the car will attemt to throw it in 4th and lock the tq generally resulting in the car dying.

Moral of this story? if your tps goes out be care full and get it replaced ASAP.
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