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Throttle Body...

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I´m looking for a throttle body from a 3.8L engine to bolt up to my 89 Escort LX 1.9L SOHC. Here´s the catch...my car is CFI (throttle body injection) so I was wondering if anyone knows any 3.8L engines that were made by Ford (or Mazda) that used CFI. If anyone has any other possible suggestions, I´d be glad to hear them.

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You can´t put a different throttle body on a cfi. It´s basically a carb with an injector in it, totally different thing. All you can do is get a bigger injector for more fuel, or maybe bore out the cfi throttle body. I´ve never looked at one in person but I know the 3.8 tb won´t fit it.
You may want to check out some early 80´s Ford Trucks. I´m sure they had bigger CFI throttle bodies, or maybe some older LTD´s. Might possably find a 2 barrel TB, wouln´t that be sweet, might need the ECU from the same vehicle to match it though .
Sorry to be a newb (I am one though), but when you say throttle body injection, do you mean that fuel is mixed with oxygen above the throttle, then injected into the throttle so you can get fuel into the cylinder through the intake?

If that´s so, why can´t you just have a throttle body machined to accomidate a threaded fitting into it? Again, excuse my newbiness.
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Siragan: Absolitelly:) Thats the way it´s working.

Actually Mark. You can swap a miltiport manifold from newer 1stget escort. Like from GT. If I would I would go for it.
some of the mid 80´s european cars used this setup with a L or LH- jetronic system.. take a look around the junkyard at some of the saabs and volvos from that time.

just an thought
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