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Throttle Body

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Hey guys,
I was just wondering if there are any cars out there with a bigger throttle body that would bolt on to the 1.8L DOHC engine, maybe like the Thunderbird or something...?

Thanks for the help
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Not positive but I´ve heard that a throttle body off a tempo/topaz oreven any Ford with a 3.6L V6 will work with a little mods. I was also told that u get like 5HP, quicker response and the pedal feels lighter. Good Luck!!!
The TB from the taurus V6 is for the 1.9l, not the 1.8. I don´t know of any swappable to the 1.8l.
I was actually at the junkyard earlier today and I noticed the Throttle Body from the 3.8L 95 Mustang is about the same size as my Throttle Body. And that´s why First gens KICK ASS. the only Fords I could find with bigger a bigger TB was any car with a 5.0, but they were WAY huge.

from 1988+. Newer you get less chance that TBS is bad:). Older TB have a long idle valve motor so you can easlly swap your old one on new tb. Also (thats what sleeper did) you can swap 1.9 1st gtn GT TB.
Alex, What size is that throttle body? And what size is the pipe running to it? I notice that your intake pipe looks smaller than your throttle body. That kind of defeets the purpose don´t you think?
Oh no it just looks like it.
TB opening and pipe is exact match. Pipe is 2.5" in TB area to 3" in MAF area:)
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i was thinking that a 2.5 dohc mazda v6 throttle body might work on a 1.8 dohc but that would be the one that would be most comnpatable i would think ask around??
thanks ryan
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