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This is my way of controlling the secondary butter fly´s in the intake manifold on my SPI, because I swapped in a 3rg gen motor in a second gen, the computer has no output to open them.

I used a after market tach w/ a shift light (3 1/2" Sunpro $80), I set the shift light to what ever RPM I want them to open at (I use 3000).
You must use a relay on the light output to the motor, so you don´t burn out the light output driver in the tach.

To wire:
Wire the "coil" of the relay to the tack light terminals, (+ and - can go either way)

Brown wire of the motor goes directly to ground.

Red w/ green stripe wire of the motor is positive.
Run a 1 to 3 Ohm 10 to 25 watt resister in series to help prolong the life of the motor and gears.
(Start at positive switched power "Acc." , then wire through the resister, than through the N.O. relay contacts, than to the red w/green stripe motor wire.)

The other 2 wires on the motor can be left disconected.

This can be done to a 3rd gen, but you will have to put up with a CEL, make sure to have the wires disconected from the computer so there is no power going back to it.
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